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August 2019
Sat3-Looe Arts & Crafts 10:0016:00Village Hall
(Multi day event from 2019-08-03 to 2019-08-30)
Mon19-Interactive art exhibition10:0018:30The Old Net Loft
(Multi day event from 2019-08-19 to 2019-08-24)
Mon19-To Feel, to Think, to Imagine 10:0016:30The Old Net Loft
Mon19-Pottery painting17:3019:30Coffee Cake Create
Tue20-Pub Quiz 20:0021:30The Old Millhouse
Wed21-Fun book sculpture18:0020:30Coffee Cake Create
Wed21-The Wreckers 21:1521:00The Old Millhouse
Thu22-Mike Jelly 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Fri23-Coffee morning 10:3012:00Chapel
Fri23-Shades of Grey 21:0023:00The Buccaneer
Fri23-Ben Criddle 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sat24-Floral plaster plaque making16:0018:30Coffee Cake Create
Sat24-Dew Barf 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sat24-Spit Roast21:0023:00British Legion
Sun25-Childrens treasure chest collage12:0012:00Coffee Cake Create
Sun25-Rich James 15:0017:00Blue Peter
Sun25-Childrens' treasure chest workshop 15:0018:00Coffee Cake Create
Sun25-Shades of Grey 19:0021:00The Noughts and Crosses
Sun25-Charlie Harris 19:3022:00British Legion
Mon26-Pottery painting17:3019:30Coffee Cake Create
Tue27-Pub Quiz 20:0021:30The Old Millhouse
Wed28-Polperro Fishermen's Choir 19:3021:00Chapel
Wed28-The Wreckers 21:1521:00The Old Millhouse
Fri30-Botanical art at Polcoombe11:0016:00Coffee Cake Create
Fri30-Shades of Grey 21:0023:00The Buccaneer
Fri30-Black Velvet 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sat31-West Country Artists 10:0016:00Village Hall
(Multi day event from 2019-08-31 to 2019-09-13)
Sat31-They're There 21:0023:00Blue Peter
September 2019
Tue3-Pub Quiz 20:0021:30The Old Millhouse
Wed4-Polperro Fishermen's Choir 19:3021:00Chapel
Wed4-The Wreckers 21:1521:00The Old Millhouse
Fri6-Coffee morning 10:3012:00Chapel
Sun8-Open Mic night 20:0023:00British Legion
Tue10-Pub Quiz 20:0021:30The Old Millhouse
Wed11-The Wreckers 21:1521:00The Old Millhouse
Sat14-Artists in Cornwall 10:0016:00Village Hall
(Multi day event from 2019-09-14 to 2019-10-04)
Sun15-CIC Fun Day 13:0018:00Big Green
Tue17-Pub Quiz 20:0021:30The Old Millhouse
Wed18-The Wreckers 21:1521:00The Old Millhouse
Fri20-Shades of Grey 21:0023:00The Buccaneer
Tue24-Pub Quiz 20:0021:30The Old Millhouse
Wed25-The Wreckers 21:1521:00The Old Millhouse
Sat28-Polperro in Bloom award presentation 13:3014:00Big Green
Sat28-Blue Peter "longest bean" ajuducation 14:0015:30Big Green
October 2019
Sat5-Looe Arts & Crafts 10:0016:00Village Hall
(Multi day event from 2019-10-05 to 2019-10-25)
Sat26-Shades of Grey 19:0021:00The Noughts and Crosses
November 2019
Sat2-Polperro's Spectacular Fireworks!18:3021:00The Quay
Sat2-Shades of Grey 19:0021:00The Noughts and Crosses
December 2019
Mon23-Polperro Fishermen's Choir 19:3021:00Chapel
Wed25-Shades of Grey 19:0021:00The Noughts and Crosses