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September 2020
Sat26-Make a bag18:3021:00Coffee Cake Create
Tue29-Bingo 19:4521:00British Legion
Tue29-Quiz Night 20:3022:00British Legion
October 2020
Tue6-Bingo 19:4521:00British Legion
Tue6-Quiz Night 20:3022:00British Legion
Thu8-Life Drawing19:0021:15Coffee Cake Create
Sun11-Open mic night 19:0023:00British Legion
Tue13-Bingo 19:4521:00British Legion
Tue13-Quiz Night 20:3022:00British Legion
Tue20-Bingo 19:4521:00British Legion
Tue20-Quiz Night 20:3022:00British Legion
Sat24-Pamper nights18:0022:30Coffee Cake Create
Sun25-Wave painting canvas19:0021:30Coffee Cake Create
Mon26-Halloween Fimo fun16:0019:00Coffee Cake Create
Tue27-Bingo 19:4521:00British Legion
Tue27-Quiz Night 20:3022:00British Legion
Wed28-Make a neck wrap19:0021:00Coffee Cake Create
Sat31-Make Halloween Mask/slime16:3019:30Coffee Cake Create
November 2020
Tue3-Bingo 19:4521:00British Legion
Tue3-Quiz Night 20:3022:00British Legion
Sun8-Open mic night 19:0023:00British Legion
Tue10-Bingo 19:4521:00British Legion
Tue10-Quiz Night 20:3022:00British Legion
Thu12-Life Drawing19:0021:15Coffee Cake Create
Tue17-Bingo 19:4521:00British Legion
Tue17-Quiz Night 20:3022:00British Legion
Sat21-Make a faric wreath18:3021:00Coffee Cake Create
Tue24-Bingo 19:4521:00British Legion
Tue24-Quiz Night 20:3022:00British Legion
Sun29-Print your own cards10:0013:30Coffee Cake Create
December 2020
Tue1-Bingo 19:4521:00British Legion
Tue1-Quiz Night 20:3022:00British Legion
Wed2-Xmas Fimo cake topper19:0023:00Coffee Cake Create
Sat5-Xmas Lights & street market 14:0018:00Big Green
Tue8-Christmas Jewellery18:0022:00Coffee Cake Create
Tue8-Bingo 19:4521:00British Legion
Tue8-Quiz Night 20:3022:00British Legion
Thu10-Life Drawing19:0021:15Coffee Cake Create
Sat12-Xmas special pamper night18:0022:30Coffee Cake Create
Sun13-Open mic night 19:0023:00British Legion
Tue15-Bingo 19:4521:00British Legion
Tue15-Quiz Night 20:3022:00British Legion
Tue22-Bingo 19:4521:00British Legion
Tue22-Quiz Night 20:3022:00British Legion
Tue29-Bingo 19:4521:00British Legion
Tue29-Quiz Night 20:3022:00British Legion